Staff of Salmon Creek Veterinary Clinic

Salmon Creek Veterinary StaffErin Dunsire, Practice Manager

As Salmon Creek Veterinary Clinic's Practice Manager, Erin Dunsire's responsibilities include scheduling, team training, coaching, inventory, pricing, client relations, billing, payroll, and team reviews and mentoring. Erin has an Associate's Degree in Business, an Associate's Degree in Veterinary Technology and is a licensed veterinary technician in Washington. Driven and enthusiastic, she joined the clinic in July 2014.

"I admire the quality of medicine that Dr. Martin practices," she says. "I am happy to work in an environment in which there's genuine care for pets, their owners and the well-being of team members. Most of all, I believe in Dr. Martin and our business manager, Brandon."

Outside work, Erin enjoys art, painting, drawing, playing video games, reading and exploring the Northwest. She has a cat named Fatty Patty, a Dachshund named Bebeiana, a Standard Poodle named Haggis and fish.

Salmon Creek Veterinary StaffMisty Wooldridge, Veterinary Nurse and Technician

Misty Wooldridge joined Salmon Creek Veterinary Clinic in January 2011. Driven by her desire to help our clients in the care of their pets and to continually expand her knowledge, Misty's responsibilities include bringing patients to examination rooms, drawing blood, running lab work, filling medication and monitoring our patients during surgery and recovery.

"I enjoy and love my job and the people I work with," she says. "I love learning new things every day and growing in veterinary medicine."

Outside work, Misty enjoys hiking, gardening, DIY craft projects, softball and having fun with her 7 year old. She also has two pets: a Chihuahua/Maltese named Feebee and a domestic shorthair cat named Meow.

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